The Right Mix for International Student Ministry

With international student ministries (ISMs) across the country…it seems that the leadership pool is often entirely student leaders or entirely community leaders (i.e. non-student, adult volunteers). Or when both are in leadership, they still function separately from one another in the ministry. But leaders in their 20s…and leaders in their 70s…and everything in between all […]


As we start out the new year, our students and ministries may be thinking of how to connect with international students.  Sometimes we charge right in with spiritual conversations without knowing much about these students, what their context is, or what their spiritual needs and questions are.  We often lack a bridge to help them […]

Five Reasons Why We Should Minister to International Students

I was in college before I remember ever seeing my “first international student.” I grew up in a small town in southwest Arkansas. I hardly remember seeing people of color or culture driving through our town. I do remember one Hispanic family that lived in our town. Things sure have changed in the past 30+ […]