Third Place for International Students

For eight years, every Friday night during the academic year our ministry hosted students for a free meal and a chance to practice English, make friends, and talk about topics that allowed us to share our worldviews.  We played music, learned about different cultures, looked forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.  We […]

You can reach the nations right here in the United States

In this podcast, Chase Jenkins in Durham NC talks with the No Campus Left podcast about the ministry of First Baptist Durham to international students.  Chase brings a lot of energy and wisdom about reaching the nations right here in the United States. For the link click here

How to Get International Students Connected With the Local Church

One of the bedrock principles God has used to guide my heart in evangelism came from a statement in Oscar Thompson, Jr.’s book on relationship evangelism, Concentric Circles of Concern. It is found in the first few sentences in Chapter 1. He said, “The most important word in the English language apart from proper nouns, […]