American and International Student Ministries Working Together

  Dennis Runner shares some practices that could help you add international student work within an existing college ministry. What do you do if you are launching an International student ministry? Here are some questions that might be going through your head: “How do I begin to connect with international students?” “What about creating a registered…

International Student Ministry – Valentine’s Banquet

“How this woman in Texas going through the most unimaginable pain feels led to encourage me through this season in my life and now this same truth passed onto the this student from Panama searching for hope in Christ—can you imagine what sorts of ears this good news might fall upon through Aniela?”

“The world in 2050”

The world in 2050 By Erich Bridges If current population trends continue, the report says, Muslim ranks will increase by 73 percent (to 2.8 billion) — more than twice the growth rate of Christians, who will expand by 35 percent, to 2.9 billion. Total world population is projected to reach 9.3 billion by mid-century. Read more:…