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Understanding and Sharing Christ with Buddhist Friends

Most estimates suggest that almost 233 million people worldwide hold to some form of Buddhism. If true, that means 3.3 percent of the world’s population is Buddhist. Yet for many of us, Buddhism remains relatively unknown. Many understand it as little more than a distant, peaceful religion held by Asians in faraway lands. The truth, though,…

· Guidelines for Reaching Muslim Students ·

Use this resource to learn about some guidelines and ideas when reaching out to Muslim students.

Communicating the Gospel Cross-Culturally: The Influence of World View and Cultural Values

Communicating the Gospel Cross Culturally Imagine yourself having a conversation with someone from Southeast Asia about Jesus Christ who is from a Buddhist background. Notice how one’s world view affects the way we perceive our reality, making the task of sharing faith more complicated than we might think. The Holy Spirit has a lot of layers…