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Fall Strategy for International Student Ministry

One of the key ways to connect with internationals (and any students for that matter!) is to be intentional in meeting their needs. Below is a listing of ways to connect with international students in your community throughout the fall semester. Be strategic in meeting the needs of these students and intentional in sharing God’s love…

5 Academic Categories of International Students – Collegiate Collective

5 Academic Categories of International Students – Collegiate Collective.

ethneCITY: “Bold as Love”

“[Migration] is God’s orchestration over the face of the earth so that believers are connected with non-believers so that the gospel can grow in organic ways all throughout the world.” Dr. Bob Roberts

A tool to connect with internationals.

Episode 50: Evangelism Toolbox – Perspective Cards – Collegiate Collective. If you’re looking for effective tools to engage students in spiritual conversations, Perspective Cards are it. The Cards include various topics for conversation starters which help students discover and/or discuss their own worldviews. It allows for a way to talk about the meaning and purpose of…

26 Jesus Stories to Share with Muslims

China, India, and South Korea may lead in the numbers of students studying in the United States, but the number of students from Saudi Arabia pursuing education in the US is gradually increasing over the years. Many may be on your campus. We will be featuring more resources to help share with Muslim students. Here are…