Leading People to the Frontlines When the Frontlines Come to You

Bringing International Students to Church?

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Reaching International Students on Campus

Sow the Word

Some have recently suggested that downplaying a focus on the authority of the Bible is a necessary evangelistic strategy in reaching people who do not recognize the authority of the Bible. Much of my ministry is focused on reaching people from around the world who have no allegiance to the authority of the Bible whatsoever. On…

The Great Commission Opportunity You May Be Ignoring—Reverse Missions

The following post is by Todd Martin, Pastor of College and Missions at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, KY Sometimes the God who gave us the Great Commission also gives us a perfect set-up to fulfill it. Pentecost is one example – it was a beautifully staged day for the good news of Jesus.  A…

Leading People to the Frontlines When the Frontlines Come to You

Not too long ago, pastors and missionaries needed to use photos and videos to help people see the multi-ethnic reality of the world.  The frontlines of the cross-cultural discipleship at the heart of the Great Commission seemed far away.  Not so anymore!  Do you want your congregation to see the nations now? Just take a field…

We Include Because of the Exclusive Savior

Todd Martin shares his thoughts on why an exclusive Savior includes. Those of us in the USA live and operate in a society that is quite different than that of our grandparents. In their time, many of our cities had just a selection of churches and a synagogue. Today, the city I live in has one…

Bringing International Students to Church?

Eric Warren writes about discipling international students within the context of a local American church and shares a new model for trying to address some common tensions. A big issue that those who minister to international students wrestle with (or need to wrestle with more) is how to think about the relationship between international students (Christian…