International Student Ministry Prayer Guide: September

September 1: Pray for international students to be welcomed by American students and families. September 2: Pray for the many international scholars that are making American university campuses their home. September 3: Pray for international students struggling with language and cultural challenges.

Tips for sharing with Hindus

Many people of other faiths are open to hearing about Jesus and Christianity. Just begin with a conversation with them. Hinduism is the major religion of both India and Nepal, but is also found in other parts of South Asia and around the world. Hindu worshippers are found in almost every part of the world. […]

The Global Thread Through Scripture

Aspects of Christs’ global cause can be found in every book of the Bible. Read straight through the passages listed here in one sitting. Watch how this grand theme weaves its way from Genesis to Revelation. Watch how the theme comes through, however, in a way that is compatible with each book and with that […]

Sharing the Gospel With East Asians – Storying the Bible

1 True Story from the Bible: This is a summary story of the Most High God’s relationship with the world. This story is from a book called the Bible. Men did not make up the Bible. It is the word of the Most High God. The Most High God is more powerful than any ancestor, […]

Resources For Developing Cross-Cultural Friendships With Internationals

Ministering to internationals in our community is a paradox in many ways. On the one hand, loving the world that has come to us can be as simple as opening heart and home as a tangible expression of Christ’s love. Yet the closer our friendship becomes, the more clearly we observe the cultural differences that […]