Sow the Word

Some have recently suggested that downplaying a focus on the authority of the Bible is a necessary evangelistic strategy in reaching people who do not recognize the authority of the Bible. Much of my ministry is focused on reaching people from around the world who have no allegiance to the authority of the Bible whatsoever. […]

The Great Commission Opportunity You May Be Ignoring—Reverse Missions

The following post is by Todd Martin, Pastor of College and Missions at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, KY Sometimes the God who gave us the Great Commission also gives us a perfect set-up to fulfill it. Pentecost is one example – it was a beautifully staged day for the good news of Jesus. […]

Leading People to the Frontlines When the Frontlines Come to You

Not too long ago, pastors and missionaries needed to use photos and videos to help people see the multi-ethnic reality of the world.  The frontlines of the cross-cultural discipleship at the heart of the Great Commission seemed far away.  Not so anymore!  Do you want your congregation to see the nations now? Just take a […]

We Include Because of the Exclusive Savior

Todd Martin shares his thoughts on why an exclusive Savior includes. Those of us in the USA live and operate in a society that is quite different than that of our grandparents. In their time, many of our cities had just a selection of churches and a synagogue. Today, the city I live in has […]

Bringing International Students to Church?

Eric Warren writes about discipling international students within the context of a local American church and shares a new model for trying to address some common tensions. A big issue that those who minister to international students wrestle with (or need to wrestle with more) is how to think about the relationship between international students […]

Open Doors 2017/2018

The latest information on international students in the US is out.  While the main news is that there are still over 1 million students in the US, there was a 6.6 percent decline in new students.  There was not an overall decline due to the fact that a large number of students remained in the […]

Five Ways to be a Global Missionary this Thanksgiving

  Tom Knight provides five steps to embrace the Thanksgiving holiday as an opportunity to be a global missionary in your own campus community. With Thanksgiving fast approaching we often think of time with family, a turkey dinner with pumpkin pie, and pilgrims giving thanks to God. But we often forget that the first Thanksgiving was […]

Mobilizing the Mobilized

  Chris Mills writes about the strategic value of translating students’ mission experience to reaching the nations all around them, wherever they go. One of my primary areas of ministry is mobilizing students to the nations. I love to hear stories of how students have seen God at work through their service, whether it’s across […]

Ten Reasons for Your Church to do ISM

Jon Varner writes about international student ministry being a simple way that every church and ministry can begin engaging the nations for Christ. Have you ever heard the phrase, “…can’t see the forest for the trees?” I believe the opposite is the problem concerning major missions strategies at this time. We have become so overwhelmed by […]

A Holistic Approach to International Student Ministry

By Chase Jenkins, FBC Durham, NC. I remember eight years ago being asked to serve as an English teacher during our church’s weekly ESL outreach, a ministry I didn’t know we had. It was an urgent need; the ESL team was already at capacity and needed additional teachers. My students would be Nepali refugees who […]